Goldeneye 007’s website calls out the DS

Portable Daniel Craig incoming?

Goldeneye 007’s website calls out the DS
| James Bond: GoldenEye

At Nintendo’s E3 press conference, the publisher showed off a Wiimake of one of gaming’s most popular shooters of all time, N64’s Goldeneye 007.

We were limbering up our typing fingers and pouring coal into the Pocket Gamer servers as we prepared to type up a news pieces about how Daniel Craig would be slapping Oddjob and busting locks with his laser watch on the DS.

But it was not to be, as only the Wii version was shown off. Even the press release had pretty definitive statement like "designed exclusively for Wii”, “Wii Exclusive”, “as a Wii exclusive” and “Platforms: Wii.”

So why then has the Nintendo DS logo appeared on the game’s official website? And why is there an NDS section (that says 'coming soon') on the website’s ‘Game Overview’ page. Answer me that.

Also, the rumours before the event also pointed at a DS edition, and N-Space, one of the developers behind the game, is well known for its DS shooters.

So don’t lose hope just yet - you could still be shooting the hats off men in toilets, on DS.