Activision to reveal new GoldenEye game at E3?

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Activision to reveal new GoldenEye game at E3?
| James Bond: GoldenEye

Eurogamer is reporting that Activision is publishing a remake of Rare's N64 classic, 007 GoldenEye. Developed for the Wii and DS, James Bond: GoldenEye will purportedly be revealed at this year's E3 gaming expo.

Over the weekend, a mysterious survey was passed around the internet. It seemed to confirm the existence of a GoldenEye remake for the Nintendo Wii, complete with box art and images of possible Wii controllers.

The survey mentioned a "modernised version of the classic story", and comes with the new Bond: that lovely Cheshire boy, Daniel Craig. It'll also feature four-player split screen (on the Wii, not the DS, presumably), and eight-player online battles.

Eurogamer has received word that the survey was indeed legitimate, and the game will be released this year. The game will be developed between UK-based Eurocom (developer assistance on Dead Space Extraction) and DS aficionado n-Space (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized).

N-Space is teasing a surprise DS announcement on the developer's official Facebook page, but says "The tricky thing about the internet is how hard it is to separate the fact from fiction" when pithy commentators brought up Mr Bond.

Previously this year, Superannuation found an animator's CV that mentioned working on "Activison's James Bond series for the Nintendo Wii" at Eurocom, and also Activison registered the website domain name

All signs point to this game being a reality, and it should be officially revealed at E3. The gaming expo kicks off in Los Angeles on June 15th. If it's not there, we'll eat our collective hat.