Invizimals a no-go on PSPgo

Game initially won't be playable on new handheld

Invizimals a no-go on PSPgo
| Invizimals

Invizimals, the upcoming creature battling game that utilises the Go!Cam, will not be playable on PSPgo a Sony representative tells Kotaku.

The game requires the Go!Cam peripheral, which cannot interface with the revised hardware form factor. On older PSP models, the Go!Cam simply snaps into the USB port at the top of the handheld.

With PSPgo, however, the Go!Cam is unable to fit securely on top of the slimmer portable; moreover, the system isn't able to open for play with the peripheral on top.

Sony assures that work is being done to craft an adaptor that allows the Go!Cam to fit snugly on PSPgo, though not to expect it until well after the handheld's launch on October 1.

Meanwhile, it looks like we'll all have to revert back to our dumpy PSP-1000, -2000, and -3000s. It ironically takes older hardware to run such a cutting-edge game.