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What is the secret squad for Into the Breach?

The Secret Squad of Into the Breach.

What is the secret squad for Into the Breach?
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Due to the limitations of working with the breach, each Squad in Into the Breach is limited to only three mechs in the field and by association three pilots. Depending on the name, Squads will have different team compositions which affects both the pilots and mechs. Due to the different kinds of mechs available, you'll want to pick a balanced Squad. Even though the fields are pretty contained, the arrangement of buildings and geography can really affect mobility and strategy which is why you'll want a mix of long-range and melee units. Once you've proven your mastery of them, you may get to try out the Secret Squad in Into the Breach.

What is the Secret Squad?

Into the Breach secret squad showcase

Due to the roguelike nature of Into the Breach, you're given a selection of Squads to give you more options in the field. You begin with only one, the Rift Walkers, but as you progress further through the game, you can gain Reputation and Coins in order to upgrade your units and buy new Squads. Once you've earned enough, you'll be able to afford the Secret Squad. This Squad is unique in that it's modeled after Vek units, essentially creating cyborgs.

Being Vek, the units have tremendous movement and are comprised of a Techno-Beetle (melee), Techno-Hornet (ranged), and Techno-Scarab (artillery). They're whole entities meaning that they can't support pilots and can't benefit from their abilities. Being cyborgs, these units also can't be given class equipment unless the appropriate cores are used but weapons can be swapped between them.

How to Unlock the Secret Squad

Squad selection screenshot - Into the Breach

The Secret Squad is one of the elements present in the original Into the Breach that made it into the Advanced Edition. Once it becomes available, it will cost you over 25 Coins to purchase. However, you first need to unlock it which is no easy task. In order to do so, you'll need to first get every single achievement in the game - there are 55 in total. This is necessary to begin with simply to earn the number of coins needed to buy the Squad.

Lastly, you'll also need to unlock all the other eight primary Squads. You start off with the Rift Walkers, meaning you'll need to purchase the other seven throughout the game. Getting all of them will cost you over 20 coins, and you should hold off buying any of the Advanced Edition Squads until you buy the Secret Squad, which is the most expensive in the game.

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