Inner City Kids will bring street culture strategy to Vita in early 2015

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Inner City Kids will bring street culture strategy to Vita in early 2015

We spotted Inner City Kids earlier this year but we didn't have any clue regarding a release date.

It's not much, but Jamo Games has revealed on the EU PlayStation Blog that Inner City Kids will becoming to Vita in early 2015.

There aren't really any other new details other than that. Still, let's recap quickly, just in case you missed our previous coverage.

Inner City Kids

Inner City Kids is a street culture themed, turn-based strategy game. It follows a group of friends who discover that all the adults in their city have been replaced with robots.

You then aim to stop the robots by taking out their operations dungeons underneath the city. You'll explore, collect intel, and engage in battles while down there.

You'll also find lots of different artefacts that may be in plain sight or hidden in secret areas. These translate into the thousands of different modules and frames in the game.

These components are used in the game's very flexible weapon customisation system. You're able to construct guns, swords, turrets, mines, and remote drones from the parts.

Add to that different attack and defence types and there are thousands of different combinations to play with. Healing turrets, acid grenades, and stealthy remote drones are some of the peculiar examples given.

The idea is to allow you to create your own strategies with your unique weapon creations. Of course, this should experimentation should give you plenty of reasons to replay the game.

Inner City Kids is stacking up to be a strategy game with style and depth, then. You can find out even more about it on the EU PlayStation Blog.