Injustice 2 Mobile's 5.0 update introduces new hero Vixen and major progression upgrades

Unleash abilities of the Animal Kingdom in Injustice 2 Vixen

Injustice 2 Mobile's 5.0 update introduces new hero Vixen and major progression upgrades
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Injustice 2 sees the addition of DC’s Vixen in its new and major 5.0 update.

Vixen is a superhero who has the power to conjure up the abilities of any animal she wishes, whether extinct or alive. She can move with the agility of a gazelle, tear through enemies with the rage of a tiger, zap her enemies with the electric shock of an eel and do just about anything every creature in the entire animal kingdom can. Her powers are said to be associated with the totem she always wears.

injustice 2 vixen

Vixen will be available from today in Early Access Packs and will play the role of a Gold Support Hero. Using the powers of her Tantu Totem, Vixen can increase the damage of her entire team, diminish any enemy Class Advantages and also disable any Specials the opponents have. Outside of Early Access Packs, another way to obtain Vixen as a playable character is by earning Hero Shards in the upcoming Versus Challenge.

The 5.0 update doesn’t only introduce Vixen to Injustice 2, but also a major progression update along with her. Players finally have the ability to upgrade heroes to 7 Stars and unlock a 7th Talent Slot by using new Legendary Intergalactic Orbs. You can earn these by trading in your preexisting Galactic Orbs or completing Solo Raids to have a chance at a drop.

Boost your heroes’ damage and health to even higher extents now because the maximum level cap has been raised from 70 to 80.

The above two-player progression updates are available immediately. In August, we will see another update- a new Solo Raid featuring a new mercenary boss and a chance to earn Legendary Hero Shards.

There are also three new events that will run until mid-August.

  • Deadshot Invasion (July 30th-Aug. 10th)- Deadshot might appear in Arena matches. Beat him to earn his Hero Shards
  • Free Player Gifts (August 5th-9th)- Collect a free player gift every 24 hours five days in a row. You could win Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and shards for Enchantress
  • New Profile Picture (August 4th-13th)- You will be able to update your Injustice 2 Mobile profile picture to “The Suicide Squad” logo

Further your progression in Injustice 2 by downloading it on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free.

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