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Infinitoggle, a brand new minimalistic colour puzzler, launches for Android

Infinitoggle, a brand new minimalistic colour puzzler, launches for Android

Indie developer GG Undroid Games has released its newest game; a hypercasual minimalistic puzzler called Infinitoggle. Most of Undroid Games’ titles follow a similar theme which is that minimalist puzzle philosophy and Infintoggle seeks to take this formula to the next level, introducing a simple yet addictive loop of flipping switches and matching colours to progress from stage to stage, all while enjoying a laidback and lovely, quiet art style.

Infinitoggle is a super simple game, as the mechanics revolve around those two things and that’s just about it. There’s a collection of switches on each level, and they individually present different colours depending on their state. Your goal is to make sure that each colour represented in a level is present in equal numbers.

Maybe that sounds more complicated than it is, so let’s think of an example. On one side of the level, there are three switches that change between red and blue. On the other, there are three more switches that toggle between green and red. In this case, it’d be as simple as flicking each to red and “balancing” the number of reds in the level.

That’s an extremely simple case, as later on there will be nine switches that each have different colours, and you’ll have to evenly distribute, say, four or five colours at a time. As you can see, it’s a super simple concept, but it can get pretty challenging as you progress through the game.

These mechanics make Infinitoggle adjacent to something like Color Puzzle - Hue Match, though unique enough to make it worth your while as long as you enjoy this sort of relaxing-yet-brain-teasing minimalist puzzle deal that a lot of recent puzzlers have taken on lately.

If you’d like to give Infinitoggle a go yourself, you can download it for free at the link below.

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