Infinite Lagrange is hosting the Dawn Celebration festival as Lagrange Generation kicks off

Infinite Lagrange is hosting the Dawn Celebration festival as Lagrange Generation kicks off

NetEase recently revamped Infinite Lagrange’s entire structure with the launch of the Lagrange Generation update that introduced Strategic Assets and a whole host of new features. To celebrate the arrival of this new phase, the hit grand space sim is also hosting the Dawn Celebration event, which features several minigames, activities, and even more rewards.

The Dawn Celebration is an annual event in Infinite Lagrange that takes place to commemorate the day the Dawn Accord was signed. The agreement was humanity’s first step towards intergalactic exploration, with the promise of no bloodshed and conflict being involved in the process. It speaks of mankind’s determination and will to reach beyond the star.

In-game festivities will continue for another week and explorers from all over the universe make their way to the City of Antontas. Before diving into all the challenges players can take a sightseeing tour, which allows players to witness all celebrations while relaxing. All players need to do is hop onto the next train and enjoy the view.

Once rejuvenated, players can participate in all the tricky missions Antontas has to offer. The greatest of them all is the Air Racing Competition, which tasks players with manoeuvring plans through the city. Antontas has huge spires scattered everywhere which must be dodged in quick time if you want to beat the rest of the explorers.

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Taking part in such events is a great way to earn Proxima Coins that can be traded in for a bunch of valuable stuff. In addition, players can also get their hands on various Dynamic Emblems and Cosmetic Points. Other celebratory items include a pack with the ST9 Livery and brand-new strategic asset packs that will be featured for the first time.

Take a ride to Antontas now by downloading Infinite Lagrange using your preferred link below.

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