Infinite Lagrange brings back the Beacon Festival with this year's theme being Galaxy Reclamation

Infinite Lagrange brings back the Beacon Festival with this year's theme being Galaxy Reclamation
  • This year's Beacon Festival theme is Galaxy Reclamation
  • New UAV Carrier added featuring powerful ships and weapons ready for battle
  • The Beacon Marketplace is hosting a great auction for rare loot

NetEase Games has just released a new update for Infinite Lagrange, which brings back the beloved Beacon Festival to the sci-fi grand space sim. This time, you can expect the introduction of the breathtaking UAV Carrier as well as a plethora of other rewards that have been added to the game. Keep a lookout for the special auction in the Beacon Marketplace too.

The Beacon Festival holds immense significance in Infinite Lagrange lore as it is done to offer guidance to ships that are light-years away. Those on the ground see them as wishing stars that will help fulfil their thoughts and prayers. This year’s Beacon Festival theme is Galaxy Reclamation and the celebrations will begin at Antonas, where players can party with buddies from the Orgs.

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What’s even cooler than this commemoration is the addition of a brand new UAV Carrier, designed with bleeding-edge tech developed by Jupiter Industries. Ships stores in its hangar have been fitted with UAVs, allowing coordinated wingman operations to boost the combat efficiency of smaller groups. Add to that powerful weapon platforms and you’ve got a really powerful ship ready for battle.

Furthermore, several shows and events will be held throughout the festival for players to see. Those looking for valuables can also head down to the Beacon Marketplace for an exclusive auction featuring weapon techs, technical blueprints, and premium liveries.

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Speaking about the festival, Demi Yan, NetEase Games Senior Global Publishing Director, said: “The Beacon Festival is a massive event in the universe of Infinite Lagrange, symbolizing humankind’s journey to the stars and celebrating its continued prosperity across the galaxy. We look forward to having global players participating in this grand celebration, as they immerse in the exhilarating new chapter added to the game's remarkable narrative.”

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