Infinite Lagrange is bringing a tonne of new content in November 2023

Infinite Lagrange is bringing a tonne of new content in November 2023

NetEase Games has just announced a whole host of new features coming to their grand space sim, Infinite Lagrange. This year, the title was featured during the 81st World Science Fiction in China. A virtual event was also held for those who missed out on the celebration. Carrying forward the sci-fi carnival are new ships and gameplay modes that will enrich the entire experience.

Infinite Lagrange will continue celebrations for the rest of the month, beginning with the addition of powerful new crafts. The Mare Imbrium – Assault Frigate and its variant, Mare Imbrium – Experimental Pulse Cannon Frigate will be available until November 29th. Both of them are rapid assault vehicles that can obliterate enemies thanks to their firepower.

Recently, the Military Prestige System and Leaderboard were also introduced. The former allows players to gain a reputation by beating space pirates and privateers. The top 100 explorers with the highest military prestige points will find themselves on the highly coveted leaderboard.

In addition, players can also get their hands on space stations scattered throughout the galaxy thanks to the Space Station Loot and Dividend Mechanisms. Resources that can be earned include Technical Blueprint, Equipment, Blueprint Tech Point, Livery, and Weapon Tech.

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The Strategic Asset system from the major rework is updated as well, with changes being made to some equipment and technical blueprints. They have greater upgrade value and grant more chances for Precision Identification.

Speaking about the update, Matt Liu, Head of NetEase Games Overseas Publishing, said: “Infinite Lagrange added lots of new content throughout November, enhancing the gameplay and expanding the universe in new and exciting ways. We believe these new ships and gameplay features will further improve the gaming experience and make the Lagrange universe even greater and grander than it already is.”

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