Indus hits 10 million pre-registrations, with major expansion of beta programme to follow

Indus hits 10 million pre-registrations, with major expansion of beta programme to follow
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  • The domestically-developed battle-royale title has now accrued more than ten-million pre-registrations
  • Indus is inspired by both Indian history and culture, and could be a major title in the near-future
  • Developer SuperGaming has also announced an esports tournament and expansion of their beta

Indus, the domestically-developed battle royale from SuperGaming, has announced that it surpassed 10 million pre-registrations, with plans for an expanded beta programme to follow. The programme is planned to expand with over 200,000 new keys being distributed, and a set of rewards for players to celebrate the milestone.

While 10 million may seem small potatoes compared to something like, say, Warzone Mobile; which accrued more than 50 million, it's still a major achievement. Especially given that our example was fuelled by a well-known IP, whereas Indus is the first of its kind to come from Indian developer SuperGaming.

Indus pushes forward

It may seem as if we're discussing Indus a lot, and to be fair we are. But it's certainly a game to watch. India is a massive market for mobile games, with tons of players and a growing esports scene. But it hasn't had that many domestically developed hits, and with how hard Indus is billing itself as such - with inspiration drawn from Indian history and culture - could that propel it to being a hit on par with something like Fortnite or PUBG?

Maybe, but possibly not for a little while. Remember, these other games have years of traction that Indus needs to catch up with. But again, ten million pre-registrations is nothing to be sniffed at, and if they continue on this trajectory there's no telling how big the came could get before launch. Especially, as the embedded Tweet shows, with how much attention localising the game in some of India's many regional languages has gotten them.

 Already, SuperGaming has announced plans for an esports tournament centred around Indus, and more. But while you're waiting for Indus' release, why not get the lowdown on what's new on mobile this year? We have our carefully curated list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) for you to browse, where you can find both hidden gems and major hits that may have flown under your radar.

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