Incredible Mandy is a pretty adventure puzzler heading for iOS this week

Explore your memories to uncover the truth

Incredible Mandy is a pretty adventure puzzler heading for iOS this week
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Dotoyou Games' Incredible Mandy is an emotional adventure game that sees you exploring the vivid, fantastical memories of a brother and sister duo. You'll take on bosses and solve puzzles through eight varied and distinct levels, each offering their own puzzle types and challenges. After launching for Nintendo Switch late last year, the game is now making its way to iOS this Thursday, February 20th.

Your journey will see you traverse mountain peaks, deep canyons, and scenic shores as you attempt to collect your thoughts and discover the truth. Your memories have been scattered throughout the game's world and locked in hard-to-reach treasure chests, so you shouldn't expect progress to come easily.

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There are currently eight bosses to take on in total, each with their own weaknesses for you to exploit. With your trusty sword in hand, you'll do your very best in the face of overwhelming odds.

While combat does play a role in Incredible Mandy, most of your time will be spent solving the game's many elaborate puzzles. You'll need to take your environment into consideration and pick up on various tricky mechanics if you're to solve the conundrum at hand and continue on your quest.

An average playthrough is said to take around 15 hours, which means Incredible Mandy is definitely a more sprawling experience than I'd expected. That does seem to be a fairly long playtime for a game such as this, especially when you consider that similar titles like Rime can be finished in around 5 hours.

It certainly looks very pretty, boasting a warm look that is somewhere between Oceanhorn 2 and Rime. But at the moment I'm more concerned with whether it can remain fresh for the entirety of its story.

Incredible Mandy will launch this Thursday as a premium title. You can pre-order it now over on the App Store for $2.99 or your regional equivalent.

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