IUGO gets into the iPhone demolition business with Implode!

The fun of watching buildings fall down

IUGO gets into the iPhone demolition business with Implode!
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Should we be teaching iPhone gamers how to set explosives and demolish buildings in apps that use realistic physics?

Hell, yeah.

Such is the terrorist threat these days that people get arrested for buying a couple of bottles of blonde hair dye, so we doubt any common johnny is going to get his hands on military grade C4 and take down anything taller than a Lego bungalow.

Well, I hope....

Anyhow, if so it will be the fault of the Canadians. At least, IUGO, which has progressed from the realistic physics of its Toy Bot Diaries games to the "Watch buildings tumble with real physics!" of Implode!

Nice touch, by the way. Implode! Not Explode! Much more friendly.

Your task is "to carefully plant limited dynamite bundles in order to demo obsolete structures".

There will be 60 levels and two types of explosives - bombs and blast bombs.

Your performance will be graded and scores will be submitted online - although there's no mention of a known social networking technology - so this maybe a IUGO homebrew solution.

Sorry officer. A self developed online leaderboard. There are no large barrels of fertiliser here.

There will also be a sandbox cheat that gives you more bombs and in which you never fail. We'd like one of those for life, but even in Implode!, it's high score disabled.

To gain access to this you'll have to be IUGO VIP - in which you gain points by getting your friends to buy IUGO games - the details of which you can find here.

We can also confirm that despite our earlier speculation, there won't be any in-app purchases in Implode!, unless - and we quote from an official source - "the game *cough* blows up and the demand for content is there".

We are so very sorry for the poor quality of the puns.

Implode! is due to be released very soon i.e. we assume it's been submitted already. There's no mention of a price, but we'd reckon it will be somewhere between $1.98 and $2.00.
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