IUGO's Implode! triggers controlled App Store demolition

Well, it's out now...

IUGO's Implode! triggers controlled App Store demolition
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Thanks to games such as Toy Bot Diaries, Canadian studio IUGO has demonstrated its ability to make great physics games for iPhone.

Its latest - Implode! - which is now out on the App Store, takes the gameplay into a more structured mechanic as you have to plant a limited number of dynamite bundles in the correct locations in order to demolish obsolete structures.

There are 60 levels and two types of explosives to plant - bombs and blast bombs - and your performance will be graded and the scores submitted online.

There will also be a sandbox cheat that gives you more bombs and in which you never fail, although it's high score disabled.

Implode! is out now, priced $1.99, €1.59, £1.19. Hit the Buy It! button to light the blue touch paper.
Jon Jordan
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