iPhone's Imangi word puzzler gets international update

European localisations now included – Russian coming soon

iPhone's Imangi word puzzler gets international update
| Imangi

The popular Rubik's Cube-meets-Scrabble word puzzle for the iPhone, Imangi, has just become what's undoubtedly the most multilingual app currently available. Considering the game hinges entirely on the words created by sliding rows and columns of letters around the screen, international gamers need to be able to understand what they're spelling.

The new update (which is free to existing users, natch) now boasts full localisations for English, Spanish, French, Italian and German – with Russian soon to be added to the mix.

The new languages are all supported by the game's downloadable daily challenges, while word lists for each dialect have also been updated.

Mange tout, that's a bellissimo schnell update! Buenos dias.