Imangi word puzzle game arrives on the App Store

It's a bit like Boggle and Scrabble mixed together on a Rubik's Cube

Imangi word puzzle game arrives on the App Store
| Imangi

The App Store is racking up a fair amount of word and number puzzles for the iPhone, so developers are having to really conjure up some unusual gameplay to get their games noticed.

Newcomer Imangi Studios has made a bold effort to add some spatial acuity test to its inaugural iPhone app, however, and offers up an apparently encompassing mental challenge.

It appears you've to create words in a standard crossword fashion (across and down) by sliding the rows and columns of letters around the screen. The object is to line up as many words as possible on the grid of 8x6 squares.

It's looks like a simple yet ingenious concept, so we'll be keeping a close eye on Imangi Studios to see how it's catalogue grows. Hit 'Track It!' now to do likewise.