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Idle Mayor Tycoon is a management sim out now for Android

Idle Mayor Tycoon is a management sim out now for Android

T-Bull has released Idle Mayor Tycoon, a new management sim game, for Android devices.

As the title implies, in Idle Mayor Tycoon you play as a mayor who is responsible for building and upgrading a city by managing the area and its urbanisation. You upgrade buildings and automate your cash flow to unlock new stages, and you can only do this by hiring the right leaders to ensure the profits are all coming from the right places.

You begin the game in a quiet green place and start letting life flourish there. Then you unlock smaller towns, and move onto cities, big metropolises and start earning the big bucks to help you grow your empire. You can see more of what the game is all about from the screenshots posted in this article.

Idle Mayor Tycoon’s gameplay is pretty casual, allowing the game to be accessible to as many people as possible with its easy difficulty. This extends to the game’s simple one-tap controls, where you can tap and expand your buildings and access the different menus the game uses to maintain your city.

You can also set the game to keep earning you money while you’re offline, meaning the profits will continue coming in when you’ve exited the game and even turned off your phone.

Idle Mayor Tycoon is available to download now on the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play game containing adverts and in-app purchases. There is no word on whether the game is coming to iOS too, but we will update you if that changes.

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