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Idle Barber Shop Tycoon tips and tricks

Here are some Idle Barber Shop Tycoon tips to help you progress quickly.

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon tips and tricks

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon is the latest idle mobile game from the much loved Codigames. You are in the right place if you are new to the game. Today, we will share must-know Idle Barber Shop Tycoon tips and tricks. Make sure to note down all the tips and tricks we tell you, and you will be good to go.

Tip #1 The right way to play

Most idle games try to keep you online, forcing you to tap on the screen to generate some extra money, but that is not the case with Idle Barber Shop Tycoon. It is important to note that Idle Barber Shop Tycoon is more of a story progression-based game, where you should aim to complete the story as soon as possible.

In this game, if you want to proceed quickly, then it's not about playing continuously. It's about coming back to the game after every few hours. Even if you are offline, your idle shop will generate both reputation and income for 6 hours. So your aim should be to log back into the game every 6 hours. This is also perfect as every time you log back in, you will complete a chapter of the story, and you can then continue with the next chapter.

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon welcome back

Tip #2 Use the upgrade button to find out upgradable items

In Idle Barber Shop Tycoon, there are two types of items. The first is decorative items that are merely for decoration and have no other use. The other type is upgradable items, which help you generate more money and reputation.

As you progress in the game, your shop will be filled with so many items that it becomes tough to keep track of all the upgradeable items. This is why the game comes with an 'Upgrade Button.' By clicking this button, a blue marker will be placed on all the upgradable items. So make sure to use this button; it will make gameplay progress more smoothly.

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon tips - upgrade button

Tip #3 What to upgrade next?

This is the toughest part of the game, and once you get the hang of it, you proceed really quickly. So, speaking of upgradable items, there are two types of them, one that increases your rate of reputation points and others which increase the money generation. So, the question is what to upgrade and when to upgrade?

The simplest method to find out what to upgrade next is to by simply judging what is lacking. Every time you log back into the game after 5-6 hours, if you don't have enough money to upgrade items, it's quite obvious that you should upgrade items like chairs or haircuts to generate more money.

And if you don't have enough reputation points for your next chapter, you should be upgrading items that provide you reputations like Hot tower stand, waiting area and so forth.

Tip #4 Green Button is upgradable too

Most players don't know that the speed-up button or that big green button in the centre of the screen has a great use. You can use it to speed up the activity in the shop. One thing to note is that it won't speed up the activities on the reception desk, so use it accordingly.

There is one very unique item in the game, the 'Coffee machine.' It is the only item that does not increase your money or reputation. Instead, it upgrades your speed-up button. If you are a player who spends quite some time on the game, this is a must-have upgrade item for you, but if you are lazy like me, and don't like tapping on the screen and rather just sitting back and relaxing, you can ignore it completely.

coffee machine

Tip #5 How to get hearts in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon

As soon as you have 100 Diamonds, just go to the shop and get one new staff member. Do it even if you don't have chairs or don't need staff in your shop because staff members are upgradable too. If you end up getting staff from the shop you already have, you will get a 'heart' that can then be used to upgrade your character, giving him an insane boost.

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon tips - staff

Tip #6 Understand types of haircuts

All the haircuts and beard trims have been categorized into three sections in the game - basic, advanced, and elaborate (represented as bronze, silver, and gold, respectively). Ensure to upgrade your chairs and other items depending on what all haircuts and beard trim options you have. For example, if you have only mastered basic haircuts and beard trims, then it makes no sense to upgrade items that are providing a bonus to advanced haircuts, right?


Other quick Idle Barber Shop tips

  • Try to grab ad offers; watching ads can sometimes give you a lot of free cash and reputation boosts, more clients, and more
  • Make sure to upgrade and master haircuts and beard trims for an income and time boost
  • If your staff is mostly idle, then launch an advertising campaign to get more clients
  • Use the green button, don't ignore it

That concludes our Idle Barber Shop tips and tricks. We hope these tips and tricks will help you to progress quickly in the game. For more such game guides, stay tuned with us.

Idle Barber Shop is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Players can download the game via Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

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