Identity V is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a massive content update

Identity V is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a massive content update
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As we draw closer to Chinese New Year, NetEase has a massive update planned for its 1v4 asymmetrical battler Identity V. Brand new content is being added to the game including the weeping clown, disordered banquets, swelling waves, lost shadow puppets, and more.

Weeping Clown: My Missing Part is Their Laughing Stock

Born as a freak of nature, the Weeping Clown was regarded as a money tree by his parents because he was missing a right leg and had a perpetually sad face. A character with a mysterious connection to this sad clown is Nightmare, the Regulator Clown. Players will know more as they explore the manor.

The Wishes From the Ocean: Send Away the Yearning

This story deals with a few residents of a rich island who were trapped there because of the never-ending and massive waves preventing them from leaving. In a final effort, they wrote a message on a piece of paper, placed it in a bottle, and prayed that it would somehow reach their worried families. This event serves as the third part of season 19 and features multiple new costumes.

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Along with the Wave: Dancing Music of the Tide

Under a dark sky decorated with shining stars is a sea with dancing waves from which the Red Lady emerges out of her white bubble, wearing her bright black veil and a swaying skirt, producing the music that makes the waves dance. The S costume Bloody Queen Package contains the Red Lady and more of her accessories.

The Dispersing Ephemeral: Doubts at the New Year’s Eve banquet

Identity V also welcomes the Spring Festival with this update. Chinatown saw a folk art troupe show up to perform Chinese shadow puppetry, however, right before the show began, someone stole the most important puppet! With this event, players could win a permanent unlocking card for multiple costumes.

Lost in Illusion: Meet the Work of the Vanities

On January 27th, players will be able to meet Perfumer - Mnemosyne's Dream, the first costume from Work of the Vanity. In good health, she can attract butterflies and streamers to make wonderful hair accessories and skirts but after being injured, it all changes and she is ready for a fight.

A plethora of content has already been introduced and more is coming to Identity V. Download it now for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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