Identity V’s eSports tournament Call of the Abyss V begins registration today

Identity V’s eSports tournament Call of the Abyss V begins registration today
| Identity V

Today, December 23rd marks the launch of Identity V’s fifth and newest event – Call of the Abyss V (COA5). Players of the asymmetric battler are welcomed to the noisy and lit-up city of Metropolis, where they can participate in Identity V’s massive eSports event.

COA5 is an eSports competition open to players from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. They will battle it out through multiple stages, with the finalists competing for a grand prize of 4 million RMB or approximately 630 thousand US dollars. The entire contest is divided into four phases:

  • The City of Lights – This is the currently active registration phase, which will run until December 30th. Club Captains can register their clubs for the event for free.
  • Neon Corridor – The preliminary phase, which takes placefrom December 30th until January 13th, will see the registered clubs compete for event-exclusive rewards. Unregistered clubs will be eligible for a part of these prizes. Participating in battles will earn the clubs’ points and the top 50 ranked clubs will proceed onto stage three.
  • Ethereal Theatre – January 13th will mark the beginning of the championship’s playoffs. In this week, the 50 selected clubs will battle it out, with the top eight teams moving onto the Online Qualifiers.
  • Colour Out of Space – Following an in-game maintenance update, the top 8 clubs from all divisions will be announced on January 20th and they will move on to participate in the Call of the Abyss V Online Qualifiers.

The entire contest has been set in the world of Metropolis, where the nights are endless, and so are the drinks. But behind all these lights, is a dark secret. An enigmatic creature called the Colour Out of Space hides within the brightness, attracting and then alienating all those who have been blinded by the beauty of Metropolis. Will you be able to see through the lies and deception?

You can register for COA5 through the dedicated site. There are also numerous costumes and rewards already available in-game. Gather your friends and visit Metropolis by downloading Identity V for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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