Identity V introduces a new hunter and events in Ashes of Memory Chapter II

Identity V introduces a new hunter and events in Ashes of Memory Chapter II

A few months ago, NetEase Games completely revamped their 1v4 asymmetrical multiplayer game Identity V with the Version 2.0 update. Besides multiple improvements and new mechanics, the overhaul introduced new characters who would be part of the next narrative. The story is being continued with the title’s latest update, which brings a new chapter, hunter, and several events to the fray.

Identity V’s latest update will mark the beginning of Ashes of Memory Chapter II, a new storyline set in Kreiburg Racecourse. The track is hiding a tonne of secrets and unanswered questions that players need to get to the bottom of. It has the same last name as the Composer, which could be pointing towards something. Plus, a mysterious red shape also seems to have been spotted in the vicinity. What could all this mean?

Things will get clearer with the addition of the fifth visitor, Norton Campbell. He goes by the moniker of Fool’s Gold and has mastered the ability to cause collapses. Campbell can create unstable ground simply by throwing his pickaxe. On top of that, his deep understanding of magnetism allows him to move around very quickly.

Players who log into the game after the update will be awarded with 10 Ashes of Memory Chapter II Theme Essence which will come in handy. Other rewards like the Internal Sin S costume for Fool’s Gold, Mystic Flame A costume for Dancer, and Demonbane A costume for Naiad will also be available.

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Meanwhile, a host of other events are going live. These include The White Steed of Memory Starts, Darkwoods - Embers Rekindled, and the Forest of Apprehension. Participants will be given event tokens which can be used to redeem the Prospector S Costume - The Orphan of Goetia, Fool's Gold A Accessory, Entomologist B Costume, Event Portrait, Event Portrait Frame, and other valuables.

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