Identity V is hosting their first crossover with popular anime Angels of Death

Identity V is hosting their first crossover with popular anime Angels of Death

NetEase Games recently revamped their 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror mobile game, Identity V with a brand new protagonist and storyline. And with that, it is time to introduce some fresh faces as the title has announced its first crossover with the famous anime series, Angels of Death. The Angels have begun their Manor Escaping Project which involves uninhibited buildings, missing memories, and cryptic clues.

The Identity V x Angels of Death collaboration event that be played after downloading the patch released on May 31st. It begins with players waking up in an abandoned house surrounded by enormous iron gates. The goal is to successfully utilize all the clues and memoirs to solve the building’s secrets and escape scot-free.

There are multiple tasks to complete in the Angel’s Manor Escaping Project, but the reward surely makes up for it. Players will earn prizes like the Abraham Gray Lawyer’s A Costume and Portrait, and some graffiti to name a few. An extra Gift Package will be available too.

This box of goodies includes the Jake S-Cotume – Isaac Foster and the event-exclusive Jack’s A-accessory Knife. In addition, players can also get their hands on the Little Girl A Costume for Rachel Gardener, Edward Mason’s Axe Boy A costume, Coordinator A costume – Catherine Ward, and the Professor A costume – Daniel Dickets.

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If that wasn’t enough, then there are some extra accessories, portraits, and graffiti to look out for as well. Collecting all the new characters will also be super easy and duplicates will not pop up until the whole collection is obtained. Plus, with just 86 inspirations, the single crossover essence lucky draw will have the same success rate.

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