iBomber 2 drops the price to zero

Weekend air warrior

iBomber 2 drops the price to zero
| iBomber 2

For my sins, I've reviewed both of Cobra Mobile's iBomber games.

But for my sainthood, both of them have been enjoyable, with both gaining Pocket Gamer bronze awards for their simple and addictive bomb dropping pleasures.

And aside from my moral ponderances, and to the benefit of your wallet, iBomber 2 is now free.

Good to go

We're not sure for how long - I'm guessing the weekend - but considering it was previously $2.99, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on a quality iPhone game.

Indeed, in my review I reckoned: "A simple, well-presented and fun game, iBomber 2 builds on the original with enough additions and improvements to keep the experience fresh".

You can check out how it plays in the following video.

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