Humble Mobile Bundle 12 features Monument Valley, Blek, Joe Danger

Six games to begin with

Humble Mobile Bundle 12 features Monument Valley, Blek, Joe Danger

The new Humble Mobile Bundle is out, featuring six critically acclaimed games with more to come soon.

Included in Humble's 12th bundle of Android games are The Last Express, Spaceteam Premium, and Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous.

You can pay what you want for those three games, or pay over the average to receive them plus Monument Valley, Blek, and Joe Danger.

Every single game in this week's sale, which runs for about two weeks, has received a Silver or Gold Award.

Spaceteam scored Gold in our review from 2013, which called it "a simple and incredibly effective multiplayer experience."

This premium version of Spaceteam comes with all upgrades and game modes unlocked too.

Tilt to Live 2 and The Last Express both earned Silver.

The Gold Award winning Monumental Valley almost needs no explanation. Our review called it a "brilliant, breathtaking" adventure.

Joe Danger also earned a Gold Award and only just recently made its Android debut.

Finally, there's Blek – a "smooth and clever puzzler" – that scored a Silver from us back in 2013.

There are some great games in this sale, both new and a little bit older.

Grab them while you can from the Humble Bundle site.

Chloi Rad
Chloi Rad
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