Hugo the Troll, Jodie Marsh and Petey and Jaydee get together for Xmas on mobile

Kiloo come over all (prematurely) seasonal

Hugo the Troll, Jodie Marsh and Petey and Jaydee get together for Xmas on mobile

It feels like only yesterday we were relaxing on sunkissed beaches, listening to the surf and watching the girls go by...

Alas, mobile publisher Kiloo seems intent on transporting us direct to a winter wonderland, with scant regard for autumn. In an attempt to beat the seasonal rush (so far it's only been beaten by Digital Chocolate) the Danish game maker is rolling out a host of Christmas specials based around some of its leading titles.

Cartoon hero Hugo the Troll has already strapped on his winter warmers to launch into two yuletide adventures. Hugo X-Mas Ice sees the hero heading off on a platform adventure to rescue his wife and kids from the witch Sculla, whilst Hugo in the X-Mas Snow demands he fling snowballs to protect the family from the same evil-doer (and you thought you had it hard, having to spend a couple of days with the in-laws).

Both of these games are out there in the digital ether right now, along with hoverboard racing game Agent Hugo – Robo Rumble, although this isn't especially Christmas-themed. In a couple of weeks though they'll be joined by more bringers of festive cheer in the form of Jodie Marsh – X-Mas Photo Shoot and Petey and Jaydee – X-Mashed.

The former offers a nippier alternative to the original Jodie Marsh Photo Shoot, which saw the glamour model posing in her undies whilst the player took snaps. Expect a similar game, with Santa hats, Christmas crackers and an increased chance of hypothermia for the poor girl.

There's no such worries for Jaydee in Petey and Jaydee – X-Mashed. The objectionable alien will once again benefit from the wonders of friction to keep himself warm, as his UFO-piloting pal Petey attempts to steer him into trees, houses and other obstructions in a similar (but eminently whiter) manner to the action of Petey and Jaydee Go Exploring.

You can join in the Christmas cheer with Jodie, Petey and Jaydee when their respective games are released on October 30th. In the meantime, why not curl up in your comfy chair, pour yourself a cup of eggnog, and prepare for a three month onset of thousands more vaguely tweaked seasonal rehashes?