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How to request a refund from Apple

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How to request a refund from Apple

Have you ever been tricked by a scam app?

Have you ever purchased a game that simply didn't work on your device?

Has your darling offspring ever gone on a My Horse shopping spree without your knowledge?

Hope springs eternal

All hope is not lost. You can ask Apple for a refund, and judging by anecdotal evidence the Cupertino giant is not averse to giving back cash every now and again.

Remember, though, that the firm is under no obligation to do so - you waived all refund rights when you signed up to iTunes.

But, if you're feeling lucky, read on for more.

And even if you're feeling unlucky, read on, anyway.

How to request a refund
First, open up iTunes on your PC or Mac. You can't do this on the device itself. Click 'Store' on the file menu, and choose 'Sign In...' Enter your Apple ID and password, then go back into 'Store' and choose 'View My Apple ID'.
How to request a refund You'll see your 'Account Information'. Find 'Purchase History' and click 'See All'.
How to request a refund You'll now get a complete history of every purchase you've made on iTunes. Every song, every audiobook, every app, and every in-app purchase. First, though, click 'Report a Problem' at the bottom of the page.
How to request a refund Now, every item in your purchase history has a 'Report a Problem' link to the left of its price. Find the app or in-app purchase you want to request a refund for, and click the new link. We'll try and get a refund for Super Hexagon because we're so embarrassingly terrible at it (just kidding).
How to request a refund
You'll be presented with a window that lets you send a refund request to Apple. Choose a problem from the drop-down box (like "I inadvertently purchased this app", "this app does not function as expected", or "this app is not compatible with my device") and explain yourself in the comments box. Now, hit 'Submit' and hope for the best. Apple will get back to you via email and give you the verdict. Good luck!