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How to play your music while gaming on iPhone

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How to play your music while gaming on iPhone

The iPhone and iPod touch might be so much more, but they still evolved from MP3 players, and it's not unreasonable for you to expect to be able to rock out to your own tunes when using the device, be it for gaming or running any of the other many applications available for the devices.

Surprisingly, not everyone is taking advantage of this. So let's take a look at how to use the music player punch-through system built into the iPhone, shall we?

Don't worry, this'll be quick and easy.

Double click the home button at anytime, and the music player will punch-through the current application. Naturally, this doesn't work when using a music or video player, as the audio function of the iPhone is already in use.
 How to play music on iPhone 1

Pressing play will begin playback of the last track you loaded into the iPhone's music player. Note, however, that any other audio, from a game and so forth, will be muted. How to play music on iPhone 2

Pressing the 'Music' button closes the current application and switches to the iPhone's media player, so bear this in mind if you want to change albums when using a different program. Pressing 'Close' will take you back to the running application.
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That's all, folks. Oh, hang on, not quite. Perhaps it's worth nothing that the 'Locked' screen, which appears when the iPhone switches on, can also display the music player punch-through. Right, that really is it. Now enjoy your soundtrack of choice, regardless of what application you have running. Simple and pain-free, wasn't it?
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