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How to make your own Apple iPad

(Out of cardboard)

How to make your own Apple iPad

As great as it is that the rumours have been put to bed, I do wish Apple wouldn’t announce its hot new tech so far in advance of its release. Waiting another couple of months to get our clammy hands on an iPad is just too long, and Cobra Command developer Revolutionary Concepts agrees.

Lead artist Jess Silverstone is busy preparing the studio’s first iPad titles and decided it would help to know exactly (well, more or less) what it feels like to have an iPad in your hands.

So using official launch images of the hardware, a picture of the wallpaper, and Apple’s own tech specs, here’s how to put together a life-size mock up of the iPad.

Print out the two images on the right (click them for full size). They should each fit on a sheet of A4. The images are to scale, but just in case you need to know the sizes, the iPad in the printouts should measure: Height: 242.8 mm
Length: 189.7 mm
Depth: 13.4 mm
Ideally you should print the front of your MyPad on photo paper to capture the essence of the touchscreen. The back doesn’t matter so much, but something stiffer than photocopier paper will give it a bit more structure. If possible go for borderless printing, fit-to-page, or whatever other settings your printer offers to maximise the image on a sheet of A4, so you can get it as close as possible to life-size.
Cut out the front and back once the ink’s dry, and make the folds as shown on the printouts. Use a ruler or some such when making the folds, so they're nice and sharp. Steve Jobs wouldn't stand for rough edges, no he wouldn't.
Using a Pritt Stick or something similar (other glue products are available (although they don't smell as trippy)), glue the front piece of the MyPad over the back piece, so the joins are hidden.
Feel it. Caresses it. Fantasise about it being real. Before long, this will be real, but at least until that glorious day you'll have an idea what the iPad is going to look like with your fingers stroking its smooth, shiny touchcreen. Yeah, baby.

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