Homerun Battle 3D receiving some update loving

The only time smacking balls with a bat is acceptable

Homerun Battle 3D receiving some update loving

Developer Com2uS has announced the latest update for the baseball blast Homerun Battle 3D on iPhone, the highly anticipated 1.3 update.

To keep fans hooked, over 100 new items have been added in the tenth update. Also included are three new uniforms from DeMarini, which may mean something to those of you on American soil.

If that wasn't enough, there are several other uniforms, so if you feel the need to dress up as a biker, samurai or pretty much anything else that takes your fancy, then the option is there. Some of the items, according the Com2uS's press release, can be bought via gold balls and the others as App purchase items.

Having ranked highly in the App Store charts and received much praise, this is the sort of title that's unlikely to make you feel the need to take a bat to it. On the contrary - Homerun Battle 3D looks to have hit another home run, whether you're a fan of baseball or not.

Homerun Battle 3D costs £2.99, and is available on the App Store now. Click 'Buy It!' to have a go.

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