Homerun Battle 3D iPhone player data to be 'transferable to other devices'

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Homerun Battle 3D iPhone player data to be 'transferable to other devices'

Developer Com2uS has promised Homerun Battle 3D players on iPhone that they will soon be able to transfer their current game data to other devices.

Players of the baseball sim will be able to move their IDs, missions, and item data across to other copies of the game when the free feature goes live near the end of December.

Joony Koo, senior manager of marketing and management at Com2uS American, tells Pocket Gamer it will work through a server-based system.

“Users will need to create an ID and password for the current game they are playing,” says Koo, “and once this is done, all user information will be stored on the game server.”

You will then be able to play as your Homerun Battle 3D character from nearly any version of the game, although full Android compatibility is not expected quite yet.

Koo says that your data can be taken across to the Android version of the game from the iPhone, although it's unclear whether it will work the other way round.

Homerun Battle 3D is a deceptively deep game with a thriving online community on iPhone and Android.

“We had underestimated our game, Homerun Battle 3D,” says Koo. “The game has generated over 20 million sessions with less than 500,000 users. Usage of the app for Homerun Battle 3D is far greater than its download numbers.”

If you want to download the game in anticipation of making use of this new feature the iPhone version is available in the App Store now, priced at £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99. The Android version is the same price.