Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG, the sequel to the turn-based Orna: the GPS RPG, is launching this year

Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG, the sequel to the turn-based Orna: the GPS RPG, is launching this year

Northern Forge Studios has just announced the release of a sequel to its popular mobile MMORPG Orna: the GPS RPG, titled Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG. The game will launch later this year and will bring back the classic turn-based adventure for mobile with heaps of new content. The original game is to receive loads of things as well with the Summoner Classline and monthly events already in the pipeline. Endgame content in the form of the Tower of Olympia will eventually be released as well. This will be followed by early access to Hero of Aethric and eventually an official launch.

Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG is set in the once peaceful continent of Aethric, where a calamitous event has led to a power struggle between the remaining inhabitants. Players will explore this shattered world, fighting for harmony. Northern Forge Studios will also ensure that players constantly have something to do with periodic content updates that will introduce new gameplay modes, raids, and cosmetics. Hero of Aethric has its roots in 80s and 90s RPGs to expect to find a lot of easter eggs about that era.

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The game will feature a campaign mode with 50 playable classes and specializations with their own spells and skills. Progression will occur via the completion of dungeons, boss battles, and raids. Customization is plentiful with the ability to mix and match spells and gear to create the strongest combo. In their free time, players will also be able to create a cosy and comfortable town for people to reside in. Fans of the first game will also have a lot to look forward to as the classic pixel-art style will return as the universe of Orna moves forward.

Check out more about Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG on its official website. Hero of Aethric also won the runner-up prize for the Big Indie Pitch at the recently concluded Pocket Gamer Connects in Toronto.

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