Hello Hero: Epic Battle gets a major content update that adds fresh features, gear, and an updated UI

Some of your progress has been wiped

Hello Hero: Epic Battle gets a major content update that adds fresh features, gear, and an updated UI

Hello Hero: Epic Battle, Fincon's popular idle RPG, has just a received a bumper update that adds a number of fresh features, new gear, and a revamped user interface. Update 4.0 is one of the game's biggest yet, and here's a rundown of what you can expect to see next time you boot it up.

First off, repeatable Adventure Missions have been removed from the game, as have various adventure boosts such as Time Leap, Gold Boost, and Hero EXP Boost. The rewards for Adventure Missions have been adjusted so that you no longer need to replay the same battles over and over again. Rewards and difficulty settings for the Gem Expeditions have also been altered.

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The Conquest mode has been replaced with the Twisted Dimension Tower, which sees you progressing through various stages to earn neat rewards. The following modes have all been removed for now: Outer Planet Expeditions, Episode Adventures, Stargate, Squad Wars, and Region Tyrant.

Additional means of buffing your heroes have been added. Some of these include Hero Class Effect and Hero Deck Synergy. A VIP System, daily and weekly quests, the option to reset your heroes, and more have also arrived.

Some existing game features have been tidied up a tad, including changes to the hero class names, gem uses, workshop, gear system, and level-up system.

One of the largest improvements the update makes is the inclusion of new gear. Gear Upgrade Essence and Gear Fragments are now available, allowing you to improve your loadout, and the system of upgrading items has been refined.

The user interface has had a nice refresh, and existing players will be rewarded for their loyalty with VIP points, EXP boosts, and currency. That said, you'll find that your achievements, Gem Expeditions, and Conquest stages have all been reset. I'm sure new players will appreciate Fincon levelling the playing ground, but it remains to be seen how long-term fans will take the news.

If you're looking for an idle RPG to while away the hours, Hello Hero: Epic Battle is available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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