Heli Strike 3D causes fireworks on mobile

Heavyweight chopper action, and not a lumberjack in sight

Heli Strike 3D causes fireworks on mobile
| Heli Strike 3D

As the helicopters that buzz above our major cities increase in number, you wonder if the passengers inside them ever long to grapple the controls, swoop for a power-up and then go on a bombing run along the motorway? Games making schoolkids more violent in the playground is one thing – inspiring lone Wolf raids on North Korea, or failing that Guernsey, that's quite another.

Perhaps any airborne commuters so tempted can fire their frustrations away with Heli Strike 3D instead.

The latest mobile game from Germany's Fishlabs (who developed one of the best games we've recently reviewed, Galaxy on Fire), Heli Strike 3D is a traditional style shoot-em-up with very fancy graphics.

The game, unwisely no doubt, puts you in charge of a state-of-the-art helicopter packed to the rotors with weapons, and sends you on a mission from the so-called World Freedom Organization deep into enemy territory.

The result is nine missions carried out above oceans, rivers and deserts, with attacks coming from airborne and seagoing foes as well as land-based opponents as you race to seek out and destroy a hostile nuclear missile base. To make things a bit easier, in time-honoured shoot-em-up fashion, new weaponry, shield systems and energy boosts are parachuted in via some unseen uberpower (who could presumably just nuke the baddies and save you a lot of bother, but there you go).

As for the modes, you can either dive into the Instant Action Mode or push through the medal reward system, where at the end of every successful mission, various distinctions are awarded for accuracy in firing, skill and efficiency.

We haven't been told who's publishing Heli Strike 3D in the UK yet, but it will be marketed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by arvato mobile and in North, Latin and Central America by Superscape.

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