Hearthstone’s ‘Tombs of Terror’ solo adventure has now begun

First two story chapters now available

Hearthstone’s ‘Tombs of Terror’ solo adventure has now begun

Hearthstone’s latest solo adventure ‘Tombs of Terror’ has begun, and the first two chapters – The Lost City and Scorching Dunes – are now available for purchase.

The ‘League of E.V.I.L.’ is once again up to no good, and the plagues of Uldum have been unleashed. The task of saving the world falls to the League of Explorers. Together, you’ll delve deep into the creature-filled tombs to foil the League’s plans and set things right.

You’ll find plenty of weird and wild creatures and rewards inside the mysterious tombs. The Plague Lords are imposing monstrosities with ‘gigantic persistent health pools'. Basically, this means that you can keep chipping away at them over repeat runs.

The character Reno Jackson and Chapter 1: The Lost City are now available for free to all players. Future chapters, including Chapter: 2 Scorching Dunes, can be purchased individually for $6.99 or all together for $14.99. Each chapter includes a new playable member of the League of Explorers.

In terms of fresh features, you can create dual-class heroes by selecting a hero and drafting cards from two distinct classes. Powerful signature chests can also be unlocked by defeating bosses and completing challenges throughout your various runs, and you can expect to earn plenty of magical loot and powerful cards as you go.

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You’ll earn 3 Saviours of Uldum for beating the fifth boss of each of the first four story chapters, then another 3 for completing the grand finale. A Golden Classic Pack can be earned by completing the entirety of the latest solo adventure, and you can also nab yourself 2 unique card backs for conquering all chapters on either Normal or Heroic Mode.

If you’re interested in making your Hearthstone debut, you’ll find it available for download now over on both the App Store and Google Play.

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