Blizzard announces Hearthstone Fireside Gathering meet-ups on April 26

Participants receive exclusive card back

Blizzard announces Hearthstone Fireside Gathering meet-ups on April 26

So, you might have heard about this cool new CCG called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

The Gold Award-winning card battler won us over from the soft launch for its blend of bright graphics, intriguing gameplay, and reliance on strategy - a component missing from many mobile CCGs.

Not content to stop there, Blizzard has announced a series of Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings - meet-up events where players can socialize and compete with another in-person.

Blizzard realizes that it might be tough to lure you away from the comfort of your couch, however, so it's added an extra incentive for attendees: those who play at least three matches with other players on the same network using the "Play Near Me" function will receive this exclusive and shiny card back.

Blizzard has a directory of registered Fireside Gatherings up on its site, but the list is a bit sparse at the moment. That said, we expect it'll fill up in short order since there's really no barrier to entry past having a router and a venue.

If you don't near live any of the posted gatherings, you can still get the back by grabbing three of your Hearthstone-playing friends, connecting to the same network, and playing a few matches against each other.

You can click here for a full list of registered Fireside Gathering meet-ups.

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