Heart of Sengoku is an adorable history sim that teaches you about samurai culture and spirit

Heart of Sengoku is an adorable history sim that teaches you about samurai culture and spirit

In case you missed it, indie mobile app developer ZEN APP has launched Heart of Sengoku on iOS and Android, letting players dive into a history simulation game on mobile. The game takes players on a journey back through time as they immerse themselves in the lives of samurai and ninjas in 1500s Japan.

In Heart of Sengoku, players can expect to learn not only about ancient battles but also about samurai culture and spirit. For instance, players can discover little tidbits such as the tea ceremony vessel that was priced more than a country, as well as experience cultural figures throughout history from the Warring States.

The game also features adorable artwork that adds a distinct charm to the title. It boasts a Top 10 spot in the Google indie game festival in Japan 2021 under its belt as well. There are over 350 different types of tea masters, warriors, princesses, court nobles, merchants, artisans and more to get to know. Additionally, players can look forward to discovering over 60 types of tea ceremony utensils that will feed the curiosity of history buffs everywhere.

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If you're keen on joining in on the samurai-era fun, you can catch Heart of Sengoku on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iOS App Store. It's a free-to-play game with ads. You can join the community of followers on the official website of the developer to stay updated on all the latest developments, or take a little sneak peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game's vibes, visuals and mechanics as well.

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