Everything we know about Haunted Chocolatier by the creator of Stardew Valley

Everything we know about Haunted Chocolatier by the creator of Stardew Valley

It's no secret that Stardew Valley is the most successful video game made by ConcernedApe. However, most people don't even know that ConcernedApe plans to release a new video game - Haunted Chocolatier. Moreover, he announced that this video game would be even more interesting than its predecessor.

Here is everything we know about Haunted Chocolatier by the creator of Stardew Valley, including a release date, in-game content, and more. Let’s get started!

Haunted Chocolatier gameplay screenshot


Undoubtedly, it’s extremely important to know about the developers of the project. These people create the game, and only they can decide what to add to it. Unfortunately, there is no official information on who is working on the new Haunted Chocolatier. But there is a high chance that the developers will remain the same: Chucklefish, Fangamer, ConcernedApe, and 505 Games. Also, some people report that they have seen developers' vacancies for Haunted Chocolatier on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is evident that the developers also include creative individuals to work on the project together.


Haunted Chocolatier house and the hill behind

Once you know about the developers, it's time to find out more about the game itself. And the most frequently asked question is - will Haunted Chocolatier include Stardew Valley references? Fortunately, there is an official answer to this question. Replying to Claudiu101 on Twitter, ConcernedApe answered that the game would have references to Stardew Valley.

However, they still have not decided how strong the connection will be. Also, they said that the game will have its own identity. So, people waiting for the continuation of Stardew Valley will not find it in this game.

Haunted Chocolatier will be a shop simulator. It will keep the design and UI of Stardew Valley, but in this video game, you are supposed to make chocolate and sell it in your branded store. Unfortunately, there is no explanation of how it will work and be realised.

But according to various leaks, Haunted Chocolatier will have plenty of exciting NPCs and mechanics. Moreover, some of them are already revealed, like the central NPC. You will discover more about it at the end of the guide.


An important question that is frequently asked nowadays is whether the game will be co-op or solo. After the release of Stardew Valley multiplayer, many people want to see the new ConcernedApe game with multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, their expectations will not come true. As of now, Haunted Chocolatier will be a solo game.

Still, there's no reason to worry - the fact is that, as with Stardew Valley, the developer might release a multiplayer mode in a separate big update after the release of the game. There is a high chance that mod developers will add the multiplayer game mod faster than the official developer.


Stardew Valley character running across the bridge

Even though there are no official comments on mods in Haunted Chocolatier, it is evident that the developer will allow modifying the game. Mods help developers to promote the video game and keep players interested. Therefore, there is a 99% chance that mods will have official support in the new Haunted Chocolatier.


Finally, it is time to talk about one of the most important questions about Haunted Chocolatier - the release date of this video game. The game was announced more than a year ago, in October 2021. The developer dedicated a separate post in which they announced Haunted Chocolatier. Some keen eyes noticed that in this post, the developer said that he spent 10 years developing Stardew Valley.

But this time, the situation is different. The fact is that ConcernedApe is a bit of a bigger company nowadays as they have included a few more people in the development process. Also, they can reuse elements of the Stardew Valley code to speed up the development of new video games.

Unfortunately, there is still no official date for the release of Haunted Chocolatier. But according to various experts, the game is likely to be released in late 2023 or even during 2024. Moreover, the game can be released spontaneously. Of course, nobody knows for sure how it will go, so it's best to follow the official social media channels of the developers and wait for any official comments.


The last thing that should be covered in this guide is the release of Haunted Chocolatier on mobile devices. It is evident that the game will be supported on PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS. However, there are many people who are waiting for this video game on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, there is only one official comment on the release of Haunted Chocolatier on mobile. You can read it by following this link. Also, keep in mind that even though the game will not be officially released on mobile, you will be able to use various cloud services and other ways to enjoy this game on smartphones.


Fortunately, there are various screenshots and gameplay videos of the new video game. For example, five main characters of Haunted Chocolatier were revealed: Lily, Burk, Maddie, Jett and Jingel. Just feel free to search for them on the internet and you will find various information. Also, you can check the official Twitter. Here you will find many screenshots and gameplay leaks.

In conclusion, Haunted Chocolatier is the newest project of ConcernedApe. Even though there is no official release date for this video game, it is likely to arrive in late 2023.

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