Harbor Master gets second update

Coloured cargo plus Twitter

Harbor Master gets second update
| Harbor Master

It's been racing up the App Store charts in recent weeks, thanks no doubt to its first update - added pirates - as well as a price cut, and Imangi Studios is continuing to pound in the cargo. It's just submitted the second update to its route management game Harbor Master.

The main gameplay change is that at a certain level, ships can carry different coloured cargo, meaning you have to move the same ship between the different coloured harbours to offload everything. That doesn't sound extra frustrating at all.

Also bringing social networking into place, there's now Twitter integration so you can tweet your score out to all and sundry.

And finally, there's some sneaky news that the third update is currently on the way. Labelled 'the Very Special Episode' it should be ready for submission in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, update 2 is expected to be live within a week, Apple's approval chaps withstanding.

Or hit the Buy It! button if you haven't yet experienced the madcap oceanic antics of Harbor Master. Currently 'doing a Peggle' for a limited period, it costs 99c or 59p.

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