GUNS UP! Mobile is an upcoming PvP strategy game that is now up for pre-registration

GUNS UP! Mobile is the mobile port of the tower defense strategy game, GUNS UP! heading to Android and iOS.

GUNS UP! Mobile is an upcoming PvP strategy game that is now up for pre-registration
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Guns up! was originally released in 2015 on PlayStation 4, then in 2018, it expanded to PC. And finally, now the game is making its move to mobile. The developers of the game have confirmed that GUNS UP! Mobile is coming soon to both Android and iOS.

About GUNS UP! Mobile

GUNS UP! Mobile is a mix of RTS and Tower Defense. It's an online PvP strategy game that allows players to build and upgrade their defenses and take their army into the battleground to wreak havoc on other players. It's somewhat like Clash of Clans, where attackers are pitted against other player's defenses.

The game offers quite a lot of options. If you are not into PvP, you can take on a variety of single-player challenges such as escaping from military prisons and fighting against raging zombie hoarders.

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But ultimately, if you like games where you get to create and upgrade a base and use your brain to place buildings and build strategies to take down the opponents, then GUNS UP! Mobile will be a pretty good fit for you.

When will GUNS UP! Mobile release?

Unfortunately, there are no official details about the release date yet. But going by the rumours and the estimated launch date mentioned on the App Store, it should be arriving in October 2021.

As reported by TapTap, GUNS UP! Mobile will be soft-launched in India and the Philippines in September 2021 and then head towards a global launch.

Pre-Register for GUNS UP! Mobile

Interested players can now Pre-Register for GUNS UP! Mobile via Google Play, Apple Appstore, or on the game's official website.

All players who pre-register for GUNS UP! Mobile will be rewarded with in-game items that include Sergeant, Full ammo, full gold, and a bag of gems when the game launches. Pre-registered players will get this reward through the in-game inbox when they log in for the first time. 

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