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Guns Up!, the military strategy game, launches globally for iOS and Android

Guns Up!, the military strategy game, launches globally for iOS and Android
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Developer NHN Bigfoot has announced that its mobile military strategy game Guns Up! is now available for global audiences following a successful launch in certain regions. Originally released as a PS4 and PC game, Guns Up! can now be played on iOS and Android as well.

Guns Up!, for those of you that haven’t played it, is an interesting blend of a MOBA  and strategy game. The premise is that you play against either a single computer opponent or a real player in a 1v1 setting, base against base. Using a specific combination of troops, depending on how many resources you have available, you’ll send units down a lane to the opponent’s base and try to best their defense to defeat them. Of course, your opponent will be doing the same thing to you.

This gameplay leads to very intense and sometimes quite breakneck speed decision making, which is what any strategy game player truly desires. Guns Up! Mobile specifically has even added in more content and quality of life updates, mainly focusing on PvE content for players who are less interested in the intensity of PvP matches. This added on content involves things such as zombies, escaping prison, and defending your base against a large swath of NPC warriors.

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With matches averaging a 5-minute playtime, Guns Up! is a perfect fit for pocket devices, allowing you to play in quick succession and put it away right after. After its limited release in a few regions alongside the already available global console and PC version seeing a lot of success, it seemed natural for the title to end up on phones as well. And in the end, it has at last!

If military strategy or intense PvP combat is your thing, this is one to watch out for, and you can find it for free on both the App Store and Google Play!

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