Love indies? Here’s a look at the winners of Google Play’s Indie Games Festival

Love indies? Here’s a look at the winners of Google Play’s Indie Games Festival
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Google Play’s Indie Games Festival has announced the winners of its indie game competition, which allowed small game studios to win prizes as well as receive welcome promotions on Google Play. The event is in keeping with Google’s commitment to help out devs, and the annual competition received thousands of applications from eager developers all over the world.

The Indie Games Festival was done virtually this year, opening up more opportunities for developers to participate across the globe despite the pandemic. Without further ado, here are the winners:

Indie Games Festival Winners | Europe

  • Bird Alone by George Batchelor, United Kingdom - A casual puzzle where you interact with the loneliest bird, making you ponder great mysteries and life’s unanswerable questions, including life, death, and other existential thoughts.
  • Cats in Time by Pine Studio, Croatia - A relaxing title that lets you find the hidden cats of the inventor of the time machine.
  • Gumslinger by Itatake, Sweden - A gunslinging PvP game where you play as a gooey gummy and race to see who can draw their gun first.

Indie Games Festival Winners | South Korea

  • CATS & SOUP by HIDEA - A charming sim with adorable art where you cook with forest cats, build facilities, develop recipes, and sell dishes.
  • Rush Hour Rally by Soen Games - A driving game that lets you participate in a private (but illegal) racing rally and escape the police who want to take your event down.
  • The Way Home by CONCODE - A roguelike dungeon-crawler where you play as pixel-art cuties who must navigate through procedurally generated levels to find their way home.
  • Users' Choice - Animal Doll Shop by Funnyeve - An adorable tycoon sim where you open a doll shop, meet quirky customers, and create unique dolls.

Indie Games Festival Winners | Japan

  • Mousebusters by Odencat - A pixel art adventure that lets you get rid of ghosts in an apartment.
  • Quantum Transport by ruccho - An isometric puzzle where you transport luggage through space-time portals.
  • Survivor's guilt by aso - A survival-slash-escape room visual novel where you’re trapped in an elevator after a huge earthquake.

You can check out all the game links from Google’s blog here.

Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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