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Free iPhone game: Great Tank War

Free on Monday 25th October Until Sunday 31st October

Free iPhone game: Great Tank War
| Great Tank War
App Store description:

Finally, a real masculine arcade game with explosive World War II warfare has invaded the App Store. Great Tank War puts the future of the free world in your hands with awesome firepower, stunning 3D graphics and ultra-realistic game play.
Great Tank War pits the formidable U.S. Sherman tanks against the notorious German Tiger tanks and other historically accurate armored vehicles. Blast your way through countless, challenging battles, using Great Tank Wars’ intuitive controls, your wits and an array of powerful weaponry.
Upgrade your tank’s armor to withstand the punishing enemy attacks. Unlock your tank’s 5 weapon types—AFV 75mm cannon, Pounder Firefly, Flamethrower, Calliope and 105MM howitzer—to wreak havoc on enemy forces.

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Sale only 7 days for free (25/Oct ~ 31/Oct)
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Best Ranking #1 in Simulation.
Best Ranking #5 in Strategy.
Best Ranking #23 in Games All.
Best Ranking #33 in All Apps.

?Amazing full 3-D graphics
?Historically accurate tanks and weapons
?Intuitive controls
?Realistic tank battles across numerous levels
?Multiple armor and weapons upgrades

They say that war can be addictive. Download Great Tank War and find out why.

we completed to update the GTW 1.1.2.

* 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 : The reward of 3000 gold, Maintenance of v1.1.0 save file.
1.0.0 -> 1.1.1 : The reward of upgrade fee. Maintenance of stage and gold. The additional reward of 700 gold.
1.1.0 new user : No problem.

¦ v1.1.2 Update List
- Fixed inventory bug.

¦ v1.1.1 Update List
* The save bug fixed.

¦ v1.1.0 Update List
* Modification of game balance.
* Add 25 stages.
* Add a Radar Function.
* Realization of In App Purchase.
* Add a Calliope tank.