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Grand Piece Online levelling guide

Grand Piece Online levelling guide

One of the most frequently asked questions by a new adventurer coming to Grand Piece Online is where to level up and how to level up. Are you one of those who are seeking accurate to those questions? Well, you are going to get the answers along with some extra tips to help you on your journey.

While there is an “N” number of ways to level up, this guide is going to be all about efficiency. You will realize how you can level up your character from Level 1 to Level 200 and beyond with ease. For ease of reading, we have divided the levels and the ways to reach there in different categories. The categories are not random, as they are based on the recommended locations where you should farm levels in each category.


These are the initial levels and are quite easy to get past. You spawn at a place called the “Town of the Beginnings”. This is also the place where you will be given a variety of quests. If you’re a new player, we would advise you to freely roam throughout the town, just to get the overall feel of the game and the controls. A lot of the time, the levelling process is going to be about taking up quests from NPCs and killing some minions which spawn time after time.

You should be able to complete 3 quests and then move in the southwest direction to find an NPC called “Daph”. Complete her quest which requires you to fight 4-5 bandits, providing you enough experience for Level 10. Go over to the next NPC called “Rony” and take up his quest that requires you to fight the Bandit boss in the Sandpit. This should put you just above Level 15.


Once you have completed the previous tasks, then go and fetch a boat from Marquan, who is located at the Dock in the Town of the Beginnings. Make sure to buy a hammer and some wood on your way for the future. Next, talk to the NPC called “Haku” to take up his quest. Set your compass towards the south to find the Island called “Sandora”. Here, you will meet another NPC called “Noah” that will provide you with several quests regarding defeating bandits on the island. This should put you up to Level 25 once you are finished.

Make your way to Shell’s Town next, located in the northwest direction on Sandora Island. A quick tip, land your boat between Robo and Bomi to get yourself a handy checkpoint to respawn if you die. Once you arrive, get a Log post from Bomi, and go to Robert next. He will task you with defeating 8 marine bandits and that should put you at Level 40.


This part of the levelling process is going to be done on a small island called “Island of Zou”. This is accessible once you reach the Dock of Shell’s Town and head over to the sea, with your compass pointing in between the Southwest and West direction. The NPC called “Zen” is going to be your sole quest giver on this island. The majority of the fights are going to be fighting Zou inhabitants. This feat should take you up to Level 75 after you are done with the quest.

Alternatively, you can even stay on the Island of Zou and fight more Zou inhabitants up to Level 105 if you are not bored or have more patience. Or else, simply move on to the next island.

LEVEL 75 - LEVEL 180

Now, once you are Level 75, we would recommend changing the Islands once again for a better and more efficient leveling experience. This time, point your compass towards the Northeast of the Island of Zou. You should reach a new island called “Restaurant Baratie” or “Baratie” as the community likes to call it. Set your boat inside the tavern for another checkpoint. On this island, meet an NPC called “Yoko” and she will give you an option of buying ability Black Leg Fighting Style for 9000 Peli.

Once done, you can take up the quest from Chef Rice, who is going to repeatedly ask you to fight and defeat 8 Krieg pirates. Keep spamming this quest until you reach Level 160. Once done, simply leave the island once again and point your compass to the northwest of Baratie. The first island you will come across will be Sphinx Island. On this island, take up the quest to defeat 10 Monkey Kings. Take up the other quest to defeat the Monkey King. Once done, you should be at Level 180.

LEVEL 180 - LEVEL 200

Leave the island again, and reach the new Island called Gravito’s Fort. You will notice the island by its colossal marine island that greets all players coming to it. Simply take up the quest to defeat Boss Gravito. This is going to be a challenge. Hence, if you are unable to beat him straight away, then take up the quest to defeat 8 Gravito’s henchmen. Do both quests multiple times till you reach Level 200.

LEVEL 200 and Beyond

You should be able to navigate your way around the map once you reach this point. While the community is divided on the best and most efficient way post Level 200, the majority agree on a new island called “Fishman Island” that is located between the Northeast and east of Gravito’s Fort. Make sure to complete as many quests as possible along the way to gain some extra levels!

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