Golden Bros is Netmarble's upcoming 3v3 blockchain-based game on mobile and PC

Golden Bros is Netmarble's upcoming 3v3 blockchain-based game on mobile and PC
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Netmarble has just dropped an exciting announcement about Golden Bros, its latest 3v3 casual shooting game on mobile. The upcoming title features exhilarating real-time combat as well as blockchain technology, giving players an avenue to duke it out in a fun and strategic way.

Golden Bros boasts simple controls that anyone can get into during its thrilling 3v3 matches. Combat rules are supposedly intuitive, with a wide variety of maps players can dive into with each new battle. These maps also allow players to unleash their inner tactician as they come up with different strategies to claim that sweet, sweet victory.

Characters that users play are called Bros, and each one features unique skills that players can tinker around with to suit their playstyle best. Bros can also have different combat roles according to a player's preferences using “Skill Capsules”, which can be obtained randomly in the game. Skills can be customised and progressed via growth trees, and strategies can be conjured up on the spot to keep each new match different from the last.

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While details are a little sparse at the moment, Netmarble will be releasing updates on the game in the next few weeks, as Golden Bros is coming to both PC and mobile during the first half of the year. For now, you can visit the official teaser website for more info, or have a look at the embedded trailer above to get a feel of the game. From the released footage, it does seem like a colourful and vibrant new title to get into if you're looking for quick but intense battles with a crypto flair.

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