Godzilla Defense Force cheats, tips - Essential tips to get started

Godzilla Defense Force cheats, tips - Essential tips to get started

Progress fast with these important tips

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Godzilla: Defense Force has landed on iOS and Android, and the time is now if you've ever wanted to do battle with kaiju, and even summon them yourself.

Humanity needs you. Alien forces are moving in and kaiju won't stop attacking. But using your ingenuity - and tapping skills - you can take them down. You just need to read this guide.

Here we'll tell you what you need to know to make quick progress in Godzilla: Defense Force. And hey, here's a bonus tip: you'll get big cash rewards if you close the app and come back hours later. Thank me by reading the other tips.

Tap for humanity

Godzilla Defense Force

What is Godzilla: Defense Force all about? Well, primarily tapping away at the screen, actually.

Tap, tap, tap away with multiple fingers to go as fast as possible. This isn't about quality touching, it's about quantity of touching. Insert a joke about my sex life here.

You will literally be tapping as fast as you possibly can in order to summon human soldiers and fight off the kaiju menace. It's a tough day for humanity. You can have them spawn automatically, but at an incredibly slow rate.

As you tap and summon, the humans will automatically attack the kaiju, giving you money which you can spend on new buildings and upgrades, making you more fearsome in the face of the kaiju chaos.

It's a bit like… Cookie Clicker? Tap a lot, make progress. But there are cards too, to summon attacks or give your humans a bit of a damage boost. Nice, but only necessary with tougher kaiju.

So, this game can get a bit repetitive, then? Yeah, I would say so. But nevertheless, tapping onwards will help you solve quests and defeat monsters such as Godzilla himself. Or is it Gojira?

Read on for tips on how to make progress fast…

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Upgrading the facilities

You will have buildings on the screen which produce your human units to fend off the kaiju. The better these facilities, the better your chances.

You should upgrade the facilities often, but more importantly, you should aim to build entirely new facilities. Though you'll have to decide between upgrades or something new, and saving up is time consuming.

But the more units, the bigger the kaiju, the bigger the battles, and the more money you will earn from taking them down. Upgrade for now, save up for building later.

Card collectors

As you defeat kaiju and make progress, you'll earn card rewards which you can use in battle.

Cards can summon monsters, offer buffs, and do big damage to your enemies, though you can't just play them all, you need to use energy to do so.

These are incredibly useful, but only really necessary against tougher kaiju.

Summoning Godzilla

This is what you're here for, right? Godzilla himself. The grandaddy of kaiju. Dai Gojira. This is what you need.

Luckily, it won't take long. Godzilla will be a fairly early game unlock which you can then summon in battle with use of the cards. Just make sure to equip the Godzilla card.

He's very helpful against enemy kaiju, but even Godzilla alone can't take down any enemy in this game, so make sure the humans are prepared too.

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