The Game Creators bringing GOALS! to iPad

Two-player Subbuteo-style

The Game Creators bringing GOALS! to iPad
| GOALS! Ultra

Time was before the days of computers - heck, even Sensible Soccer - when you had to make a space on the floor and roll out a green bit of felt and 22 battered players if you wanted to simulate a game of football.

With iPad on the way, however, everything's getting even easier as The Game Creators is underlining by bringing its GOALS! Arcade Soccer iPhone game to the larger screen in the form of GOALS! Ultra.

Of course, the beauty of the port is that now you can fix the whole pitch on the screen, so there's no scrolling around. In addition, two people can play simultaneously.

It's almost genius, although at the cost of $499 plus app, considerably more expensive than the 1970s version.

GOALS! Ultra will be released on 3rd April.

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Jon Jordan
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