Go! Go! Rescue Squad! hitting iPhone next week

Connect2Media's cross-platform classic coming to App Store

Go! Go! Rescue Squad! hitting iPhone next week

We've known that Connect2Media is making an iPhone version of its Go! Go! Rescue Squad! game for some time, but the company has just announced (well, Twittered) that it'll hit the App Store "this time next week".

As we reported before, the game puts you in charge of a firefighter trying to save his town's hapless inhabitants, the Darwins.

It's already been released as a PC download and BlackBerry game, and is rolling out to Java handsets too. Those versions have been receiving rave reviews, so the iPhone edition should be hotly anticipated.

To whet your appetite, here's a trailer for the game itself:

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And there's more information on its official website. Stand by for a review as soon as we get our thumbs on it.