Go! Go! Rescue Squad coming to… everything

Multi-platform brand to launch on iPhone

Go! Go! Rescue Squad coming to… everything

Connect2Media has been building up to launching its new multi-platform brands for a while now, and it seems the first one is about ready to appear.

Go! Go! Rescue Squad will launch as a downloadable PC title this month, with an iPhone version following up shortly afterwards, and mobile versions - including WinMo and Android - landing in April.

We’re told by Connect2Media that there’s even an Xbox Live version in the works, and the company is investigating the feasibility of bringing Go! Go! Rescue Squad to the DS.

“The global web release enables us to get the game out to a massive audience from the off,” says Connect2Media CEO Eric Hobson. “Already there is a community building for the brand on-line and the release will fuel this making it a ‘must play’ title.”

Go! Go! Rescue Squad puts you in charge of a of fire fighter attempting to save the town’s hapless inhabitants, the Darwins.

The game will feature 64 puzzle-themed levels across six different districts of the town, and is intended to appeal to both male and female gamers alike - not an easy demographic boundary to cross.

But you know what’s also very interesting about a new multi-platform brand like Go! Go! Rescue Squad? No mention of the PSP. Dun dun duurrrrrr!

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