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Gigantosaurus World, a fun educational game about dinosaurs, is out now on Android and iOS

Gigantosaurus World, a fun educational game about dinosaurs, is out now on Android and iOS

Outright Games and Cyber Group Studios, pioneers in the development of games for children have just launched their newest title, Gigantosaurus World. It is a family-friendly game based on the popular preschool dinosaur show of the same name. The little ones can enjoy learning about dinosaurs with iconic characters from the show and also watch episodes right in the app.

Gigantosaurus is a preschool series that is inspired by the bestselling book by Jonny Duddle. Just like the story, Gigantosaurus World tells the tale of Tiny, Rocky, Bill, and Mazu, as they embark on a journey through a mysterious world looking for an elusive dinosaur called Gigantosaurus, who is the largest and scariest dinosaur of all.

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Describing their excitement about creating the game, Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games, said: “We’re incredibly excited to continue expanding our offerings on mobile, bringing more and more amazing kids’ franchises to the biggest gaming platform in the world. Gigantosaurus is a beloved series with an incredible visual style and wonderful characters. We’re so happy to offer the chance play in this world again in a whole new way.”

The game will allow children to learn all about the dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period in a funny yet educational environment. Playing through the game involves finding a way out of mazes, jumping over ancient platforms, and many more exciting minigames while also watching clips from the show. Gigantosaurus World also lets players create their very own dinosaur! Another cool feature is the ability to choose between solo and co-op play.

Excited to learn more about dinosaurs? Then, you can download Gigantosaurus World on the App Store and Google Play. It is free-to-play but contains some in-app purchases. You can find out more on the game’s official website.

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