Geometry Wars on your mobile phone

Xbox Live Arcade classic blasts its way onto the small screen

Geometry Wars on your mobile phone
| Geometry Wars

Weirdly, the game that many Xbox 360 owners obsess about isn't actually a full-blown Xbox 360 game. Instead, it's one of the downloadable titles on the Xbox Live Arcade service. Geometry Wars is its name, and in our experience, fans love it.

And now it's coming to mobile, courtesy of Sony BMG Music and developer Hardcore3D Wireless. Actually, to be accurate, the sequel to Geometry Wars is coming to mobile, called Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Mobile.

If you're new to the game, it's basically an all-guns-blazing shoot'em up, where you control a ship and have to blast circles, squares and diamonds. (Damn those nefarious polygons!)

Sony is promising all the features of the original, including the Repulsars, Snakes and Gravity Wells (wasn't that a country singer?).

More excitingly, there's also set to be new features, including several different Challenge Modes – those announced are 'Untouchable', 'Survivor' and 'Points Monster' – and network features enabling you to post your best times and scores. Don't hold your breath for the latter in Europe, alas.

"The mobile version of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved has been really well received here at Bizarre," says Martyn Chudley, managing director of Bizarre Creations, the developer of the original Xbox 360 version. "It's amazing to see how much detail has been recreated on a mobile phone, with the controls feeling great, and still keeping the game faithful to the original."

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